Vision & Mission


Food4Heroes helps two groups:  First Responders and Food Trucks.  We are bringing fresh-cooked food truck meals to our first responders. In appreciation for the healthcare workers, paramedics, COVID Testers, and COVID Shop Administrators who are committed to our health and safety, Food4Heroes is offering free thank-you meals as a token of appreciation for their selfless service.


We know these heroes are working long hours, on their feet, and taking care of others first.  Most ER nurses we have met will take care of their patients first and their selves last. We wanted to thank these frontline workers for keeping America safe and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Serving these brave men and women would not be possible without the public and sponsor support.  We wish we had the money in the bank to buy the meals, and we know the Small Business truck operators wish they could do it all for free, but we cannot. We need support! We need both money, to pay the Food Trucks, and volunteers to help support this effort. 

Why do we need volunteers? When we show up to a hospital, only a percent of the staff will be there. Ones who are working will have limited breaks. For example, we may need someone to visit the NICU nurses station, take an order, run to the truck, and bring the order back. We need people to help run the food to the people and assist. Also, we would like to deliver food to people's homes. In other words, we need feet on the ground! This way, nobody is forgotten. Social media is a big element in being able to reach donors. An army of volunteers are needed to help spread the word as well. Every volunteer will get a shirt. 

Where do we provide service? Today, it will be North Carolina, but we are quickly looking to expand to Houston, Orlando, Atlanta, and Philadelphia. These are areas where our parent organization, already had a footprint, resources, and food trucks on board.